The Town Center Compounding Pharmacy has one of the largest stocks of health care books in the country.  There are presently over two hundred different titles written by experts in the various disciplines of the healing arts.  I am pleased to report that Dr. Bruce Hagen's book, How to Live to be 100 in  Spite of Your Doctor is our best-selling book.  Thus far we've sold over 600 copies. 

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Dr. Hagen's new book, Warning! Your Doctor May Be Hazardous to Your Health.  Americans are now 50th in longevity in the world.  We are over medicated.   Too many unnecessary surgeries are performed without benefit for the patient and health care is unattainable for millions of sick patients due to excessive costs.   Dr. Hagen Informs his readers what works and what doesn't.  He lectures frequently at our pharmacy and is one of the best speakers in our health care series.  

Mort Farina, pharmacist; owner,  Town Center Compounding Pharmacy, Palm Desert, California


Dr. Hagen sets a high and informed bar for those of us, while aware of the benefits of western medicine for intervention in cases of acute illness and trauma, are wary of the risks and limitations involved in a visit to an allopathic physician.  His books entitled How to Live to be 100 in Spite of Your Doctor and Warning! Your Doctor May be Hazardous to Your Health are messages that need to be delivered to the American public that generally overestimates the benefits and underestimates the risks of allopathic care.  As a former member of the Mayo Foundation Board of Trustees and CEO of Mayo's St. Mary's Hospital I appreciate Dr. Hagen's capacity to provide advice from a natural and alternative prospective.  Readers should incorporate his wisdom in their healthcare decision making.  It will increase their chances of living to be 100. 


Michael Myers, Associate Professor, University of South Dakota School of Law





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